Introducing Augur: Chad Edition

a year ago

2 min read

Several weeks ago, a new version of Augur with support for multiple collateral types was teased. Today that vision becomes a reality with the introduction of AugurETH, the first ParaAug deployment from Augur CE.

Betting With ETH:

When Augur v1 was deployed ETH was already in a yearly downward trend and continued that direction for most of v1's lifespan. Much of the feedback we received at the time was that the unfavorable market conditions made locking up ETH an unattractive position. Today it's much the opposite, with more favorable market conditions and users interested in trading with alternative settlement currencies to DAI.  

Many long term crypto holders do not want to lower their exposure to ETH or BTC in todays market conditions. However, there are still many traditional bettors and traders who still prefer to use a stable currency and do not want additional market exposure when they're trading.

ParaAug & AugurETH:

Today the first ParaAugur has been deployed for wETH, an add-on for parallel versions of Augur v2 with their own separate collateral types and order books. There are now two UI's for Augur, one for ETH and one for DAI. You can start trading on AugurETH via

AugurETH is simply a parallel deployment of the trading functions of Augur. There is no ability to create markets or report on this deployment. Instead, markets are created on Augur v2's base layer and a version is populated in each parallel deployment.

There is a short list of additional Ether, stablecoin and Bitcoin tokens whitelisted for future deployments. Currently, there are only reference UIs and deployments for AugurETH and Augur V2 (DAI).

Whitelisted Collateral Types:


You can read more about how ParaAug works in our previous blog post, and we will publish follow up material this week with further documentation and another blog post diving deeper into ParaAug and AugurETH.

ParaAug's deployment lays the foundation required for Augur to begin introducing new trading experiences and iterating faster at a protocol level. Building on this foundation will be the forthcoming AugurAMM, the Betting Exchange UI and additional ParaAug deployments with UI support (such as one trading on a L2).

Come join the Augur Discord for chat, questions or comments and follow the @AugurProject Twitter for the most recent updates and news. We hope you try out AugurETH and keep an eye out for the upcoming Augur product releases.

Start Trading with ETH!

ParaAug Contract Addresses:

  • wETH ParaAug: 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2
  • Augur: 0xf5d109970124dda6f7c95aA3506Aa3eC866007Fd
  • AugurTrading: 0x0752b1441216f7d246d90d0C4ed020e819578dE6
  • Universe: 0xC455058585374fc3b0aEc3A383109038289BC3ED
  • Cash: 0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2
  • ShareToken: 0xeA197b483Eaa80BDF152b4e8413a74BdF937488F
  • OICash: 0xD92a2A0343db348Fb754B2513a26d2e007715F79
  • CancelOrder: 0xB38BaA88D1bBCb86DD8d7cfb519db88f659F36cC
  • CreateOrder: 0x90DcD09a220D13D77cd7c4366050E777008FaDa4
  • FillOrder: 0x4d2d502Fd668D27B3e27791ff3f2294C3A37a73A
  • Orders: 0xF7EB3825D257b24ad4b6d3f8f8B99c38C3c3568b
  • Trade: 0xAc179C31B1c0b8F7C361813D10b733FaE0B5Ae63
  • SimulateTrade: 0x68D96d727Ba68f49CdB95b88fd7E675722C70C49
  • ZeroXTrade: 0xcDF0c39a72BeEA2e981E825A9bf4A0531Ee486D6
  • ProfitLoss: 0xE74776850a982f3135102bea41e0c0C37553951A